We Speed Up Your Infrastructure Building and Maintenance. Focus on Coding!

Build and maintain solid cloud infrastructures in a short, cost-effective period of time with Das Meta DevOps Engineers. We will audit your infrastructure, prepare a development, improvements, and maintenance plan and implement it.

We Prepare Your Infrastructure Development Roadmap

We Provide You With Current Infrastructure Improvements Plan

We Keep Your Infrastructure Secure and Reliable

How We Do It

We develop your infrastructure as a code to increase its resilience and reliability
We set up CI/CD pipelines to speed up your development iterations resulting in quick and impactful deliveries

We maintain your databases

We monitor the processes and set up alerting mechanisms to improve quality, resilience and reduce costs

Many companies across the globe trust Das Meta

Increased Delivery Speed

Building infrastructure as a code through CI/CD pipelines and monitoring and alerting mechanisms will reduce the infrastructure delivery costs and you can benefit from faster and smaller development iterations.

Increased Reliability

We calculate and improve your development speed and the level of uptime (SLA) which allows you to provide a better customer experience.

Disaster Recovery

Heard of chaos engineering? We run both automatic and manual tests that allow us to develop infrastructures that recover fast and behave predictably in case of disasters. 

Increased Resilience

Our automated monitoring mechanisms turn your infrastructures into elastic self-healing environments where you can have tons of development iterations without blow-ups!

Increased Security

Due to monitoring and alerting mechanisms we set infrastructure system becomes resistant to DDoS or other attacks.

Reduced Costs

Regular reviews of infrastructure through alerting and on-call tools allow us to reduce your costs and save you resources.

 Das Meta EngineersFull-time/Part-time EmployeesFreelancers
Rates€50-60/per hour€50-60/per hour

(includes many risks and requires hiring costs, HR management costs, hardware, space and other facilities)
€80-100/per hour

(includes low-quality risks)
ExpertiseInfrastructure Building, Monitoring, Maintenance, Security and StabilityThey have general knowledge or deep knowledge and skills in 1 or 2 aspects of cloud architecture.Like full/part-time employees, they have general knowledge or deep knowledge and skills in 1 or 2 aspects of cloud architecture.
AI and ML
Data and Analytics
1-2 industriesVariety of industries
MissionTo optimize the resources spent on infrastructure building and maintenance by strategizing and developing working checklists and patterns To gain professional knowledge and boost career developmentTo gain professional knowledge and boost career development with increasing rates
WorkstyleAlways staying aside our partnersStaying in the company as long as they are satisfied with salaries and working environmentsLeaves the project after completing the portion of the work and legally can stay with the same company not more than 18 months
Architecture Consulting100%40% depending on the specialist-
Business Consulting100%10% depending on the specialist-
Management100%10% depending on the specialist-