Client: FanConnect
Website: myfan.co
Services: Web development, Mobile Development, Infrastructure setup

FanConnect is a web/mobile application allowing football fans of different sports clubs to connect to a variety of fan-related websites using Single Sign On.


The idea behind fanconnect lays in connecting the fans in the single platform, from where they will be able to connect to a list of applications only by one click.

Problem and Solution

At first, it was just an idea without a proven concept or prototype. We developed the application from scratch helping the client to design, develop and promote the product into the market.

The application allows users to connect to sports-related news through different channels, such as WhatsApp or email. Users are enabled to submit special “Membership” requests to obtain some special discount packages. Both the front-end, the backend, and the admin panel are developed by us.

Screenshot 2020-03-10 17.16.57

Technical Stack

PHP (Symfony,  Sonata Admin, YOURLS), JavaScript and Typescript (Node.js, React.js, MaterialUI, Nest.js, React Admin), MySQL(Doctrine, TypeORM), HTML/CSS (JSX, SASS, styled-components), AWS ECS, Terraform, Docker.

Integrations with external services: Hubspot, WhatsApp, NL2GO, MessengerPeople, Google Maps, Google Tag Manager. 

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