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Client: Ovip-Official VIP
Date: August 1, 2018
Services: Web development

Ovip is an e-commerce platform for buying official VIP tickets for different events.


In Germany, attending different events has become quite popular. And there was a need to create an online platform, which would allow users to buy tickets for different sport events, concerts, etc. Ovip is unique among its competitors, because it specilized only for selling VIP tickets.


Problem and Solution

The first and the most important aspect was to create a user friendly design and experience. Initially, the website itself was a very simple application allowing only to select a ticket and pay online. The overall development took up to 2 years, during which we added new functionalities such as sit mapping opportunity, adding a child ticket, discount system , newsletter subsciption, special category restriction, etc.

Technical Stack 

CMS, PHP (Shopware), JavaScript (jQuery), React.js, Smarty, MySQL (Doctrine ORM), HTML, CSS, LESS, Bash scripting (CI / CD, GitlabCI), Composer (package manager)

Integrations with external services: Gitlab, MailChimp, Mandrill, Google Maps, Google Tag manager, Mittwald

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