Client: Pushmetrics

Pushmetrics is an open-source Business Intelligence tool for exploring and analyzing data visually, discovering business insights and creating interactive dashboards.

The Project

PushMetrics comes with tons of rich visualization types. From simple bar charts, tables or line charts to advanced mapping features, Sankey diagrams, treemaps or sunburst charts.

It also provides opportunity to analyze, model and prepare data in a modern, feature-rich SQL IDE directly in the browser.  The users are able to write queries against their databases, view table metadata and then visualise the results as charts. Frequently used queries can be stored and shared with the team, as well as a full query history  can be browed by enriching your SQL with powerful templates and parameters.

Technical Stack

AWS EKS, Kubernetes, EFS, VPC, Terraform, Helm, Superset, Airflow, CircleCI.

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