The Course Finder

Client: Course FInder
Website: is a marketplace backed up with LMS and eLearning authoring tools.

Project Description

Within, teachers, coaches and schools can present and sell their courses, training and workshops; promote themselves; manage financial, administrative processes, create their own eLearning content and teach via virtual classroom.


People in education are the ones who need technological mediation most. Most of the trainers and coaches struggle to

  • Find students
  • Develop and present their course offerings
  • Manage booking requests and sell courses
  • Deliver course contents to learners
  • Manage workflow
course 1

Solution is a platform which provides A marketplace with a user-friendly course editor where course providers can
  • Describe the content and outcomes of the course
  • Schedule a course plan
  • Set the price
LMS which is accessible from the course provider’s profile
  • To receive and manage course booking requests
  • To classify these requests into prospective leads/students
  • To run student management
  • To administer financial and resource management
Elearning authoring tool
  • To create interactive learning materials
  • To create gamified quizzes
  • To deliver this content via virtual classrooms

Technical Stack

Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Helm, Next.js, Strapi, React.js, Mongodb, Elasticsearch,, Google Cloud Functions.

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