Client: Wunderpen
Website: wunderpen.com
Date: January 31, 2020
Services: Web development


Wunderpen is designed to provide a solution for automating handwriting experience and creating invitations, postcards or letters with unique handwritings. 

In current digital world, sometimes you want to touch something. Unlock the mailbox. Hear the paper crackle. Feel the impression of the pen. Be surprised, open letters. Say thank you. And the idea came to create such an application which will automate creating handwritten paper based products.


The company , Wunderpen, has already created machines, which should later write on the paper, based on the given template. Our task was to design and create a software through which the users would be able to upload their handwriting, create/ edit template and confirm their order.


We at Das Meta designed and created a web application, which enables users to create a new template, choose from existing templates, edit selected template, choose the style, format and shrift, update the text, etc.

We made it as precise to human handwriting as possible by shaffling each letter several times, in the same text.

Technical Stack

React.js, GoLang, HTML, CSS, LESS, React.js, Node.js, GO, MongoDB, CI/CD, Circle CI, Bit-bucket

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