LIRA: Improving Communication for Voiceless Individuals

Das-Meta Engineers developed a solution to collect data and improve LIRA's Artificial Intelligence based lip-reading software. That was a cost-efficient tool that allows individuals to record themselves saying sentences that are displayed on the screen of a device.

About LIRA

Kalgera: Protecting Vulnerable Customers

Kalgera protects vulnerable customers from financial harm. Financial institutions can easily identify their vulnerable customers, track and analyze their transactional data with the high-security solution developed and tested by Das Meta Engineering Team.

About Kalgera

Von Poll: Real Estate Brokerage at the Highest Level

This is one of Europe's largest real estate brokerage companies with a network of more than 1500 members of staff and more than 350 shops. Our cloud architects and DevOps Engineers built a high-quality, sustainable infrastructure for Von Poll Real Estate Brokerage Company.

About Von Poll

Learnship: Business language and cultural communications training for global teams

It's been more than 10 years that Learnship and Das Meta cooperate to build quality online business language and cultural communications training opportunities worldwide. Our engineers have built the product and have been innovating it with the best Education Technology solutions that bring education to a complete another level.

About Learnship

OVIP: Get Premium Tickets

OVIP is one of the largest platforms to get VIP tickets for the best events happening worldwide and primarily in Germany. Das Meta Engineers have developed high-quality e-commerce features to provide customers with smooth user experience. Whether its Sports, Concerts or Entertainment, get premium tickets right away.

About OVIP

AWIN: Global Affiliate Marketing Platform

Awin creates trusted partnerships that drive growth. DevOps Engineers and Cloud Architects at Das Meta provided AWIN with architecture consulting services and built a sustainable infrastructure to run the most demanded platform for global marketers.

About AWIN

Taxfix: Your Digital Tax Accountant

Tax-filling is now secure and easy with the solutions developed by Das Meta Engineering Team. Our DevOps Engineers provided TaxFix with a well-developed infrastructure to run the web and mobile applications that let users declare taxes calculate and get refunds

About Taxfix

FCSP: All news and information about FCSP

St. Pauli Football Club fans can read all the news and information about the team on the FCSP website. Our team has provided the website and infrastructure development with Node.js, Nest.js, technologies, integrations and Amazon Web Services.

About FCSP

Pushmetrics: A better way to get data to your team & clients

Pushmetrics allows its clients to improve analytics adoption and collaboration. Cloud architects at Das Meta have developed the Pushmetrics infrastructure, provided with autos-scaling and security systems.

About Pushmetrics

Unidy: Become a Platform and Own Your Customer Data

Das Meta Programmers developed the membership service for Unidy users who can self-control their data and seamlessly access all digital services via single-sign-on. They used Nest.js and React technologies to provide a cutting-edge technological solution.

About Unidy