Let's Build a Cloud Together

Das Meta is building a cloud product that will build infrastructures of any complexity not more than in just 2 weeks. This is a dream journey for any Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer and not only. Join us in this promising path, build awesome product, contribute to open-source and become a star in IT today!

Hiring-DevOps Engineer with Development Background

Das Meta Values

Technology Freedom

Staff is a decision-maker at Das Meta. We choose tech tools and cultivate work processes. This approach let's us be accountable and responsible for even the tiniest actions we daily take.


We value the devotion to the company goals and the enthusiasm of reaching them together.


During the years we have built strong trust between each other turning transparency one of the most important values at Das Meta. Join us if you are honest to yourself.

Result Centricity

You can work hard and you can work long but results are key.

Why We Like Working at Das Meta

Health Insurance
Paid days-off
Remote Days
Friday Nights
Development Program